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Honest communications between shareholders and corporations

Linking Shareholders and Executives

Trust us to help bridge the communication gulf between private investor and corporation with interviews and investor interaction.

About Share Talk

Share Talk was founded with a business model of being able to offer more transparency and accountability from companies to the private and retail investors. This was something we believed was lacking in today's market place and a void that needed to be filled.

A more open and honest approach that gives a voice to shareholders and also a chance to ask questions that other outlets weren't asking.

As private investors ourselves we believe we understand the investor mind-set and wanted to provide a greater resource pool of information for investors and companies alike. The Share Talk platform helps companies play a more active role in being able to get their message across into the public domain.

Share Talk will never give out investment advice, that responsibility and decision always lies with investors, as we are not FCA regulated. We are however an information portal for investors to be able to draw their own conclusions.

What is the Share Talk vision?

Here at Share Talk we promote and encourage discussions between companies and their target audience. We will never Tip a share - we will only provide information to the general public in an easy to digest manner. We are an unbiased information portal which attempts to bridge the gap between shareholders and corporate executives.

Share Talk investment policy

We never invest in a company with news we are involved with nor updates Market Abuse Regulation from our site or social media. Share Talk deal with nomads, compliance team and work closely with both public relation and listed companies. We have a legal duty as a site to stay independent and comply with the MAR regulations. Our team as private individuals do invest but understand the legislation covering these European laws ESMA.

What does Share Talk do?

Share Talk produces its own Audio Podcasts, Video interviews, Question & Answer articles that cover all sectors of the investment markets. We publish informed discussions with various companies. This includes regular company updates, interviews with the Management teams and information from companies that we believe will offer future shareholder value.

We offer companies a true voice to be able to interact with investors and give transparency to their shareholders and put across their mission statement to current - future investors. We take great pride in our visiting investors.

Share Talk hosted its first Investor Evening earlier this year with the support of Shard Capital Stockbrokers, offering investors the opportunity to be able to meet two of companies we have followed on our website.

These Investor Evenings give investors a real opportunity to learn more about the companies and meet the management teams behind them, with a chance to ask the important questions face to face.

Our first JV event proved popular with mid - high net worth investors attending, it was also an event that was well attended by other intetested investors. Alongside the companies that presented at our Investors event, the audience were able to participate in a question and answer session with Executives that were present. We will publish the presentations on Share Talk, but believe the people attending deserve an exclusive on the Q&A section.

We will update on the website soon with regard to our next Investor Evening.

Do you attend other Investment Events ?

As a company we attend many high quality investor evenings, prior to the launch of Share Talk members of our team have attended the the UK Investors Show, however our first event attended as a company was the Gold, Bears & Traders Show 2015.

We have also attended The Master Investor show and have many exclusive interviews on our site from this event, other evenings we have attended include the Mining Maven events.

Conkers' Corner podcasts and interviews

As part of our audio podcast series, we have a regular feature called Conkers' Corner hosted by Peter Higgins @conkers3 The participants in the Conkers' Corner podcasts and interviews are shrewd investors, high net worth Individuals, Business Leaders, CEOs & CFOs.

They will freely share their views on investing strategy, their individual investing style, perspectives on markets and their worst and wisest investments to date. This is not about giving out advice on which shares to purchase or sell. They will instead, share investing knowledge, best investment practices and learning.

Share Talk and Social Media

We understand that using social media is important in being able to interact with investors across all platforms. Between our management team, we have a reach of over 10,000 followers on Twitter and use Twitter which is our official account, to provide regular updates.

Share Talk has its our own dedicated Audioboom Business Channel alongside a dedicated Facebook Account. These provide valuable sources of information for investors as well as for companies who appreciate the importance of intelligent and objective investor communications.

We are true advocates of the use of social media for corporate communications and we help educate, encourage the companies with whom we work to interact and use theses platforms openly. We have witnessed firsthand the power of social media were investors share their knowledge, interact and use WhatsApp, twitter (Direct Message) groups away from the public glare or usual bulletin board. We acknowledge how investors are communicating as we are part of this change and understand todays "pooling of information" market and how it will affect the main stream information outlets.

Who do Share Talk support

We are seeing the rise of a new generation of discussion communities, as demonstrated by Blueshare, a bulletin board that has been built for investors, a site who understand the need for a clean environment where people can have intelligent and objective discussions. Companies have the opportunity to interact directly with likeminded people in a very secure environment.

We are also big supporters of ShareSoc who are playing an extremely active role in supporting individuals who invest directly in the stock market. They promote investors rights to companies and by seeking to influence Government and regulatory policy. ShareSoc is a not-for-profit organisation, created by investors for investors who Share Talk ltd are Full Members.

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