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What is Grassroots ?

Grassroots is Share Talk's alternative channel for retail investors to hear from their peers about their investment journey. We discuss the highs and lows as we find out what made these investors successful and ask them to reveal their biggest mistakes. We also ask investors to talk about their best and worst performing stocks and how they've learned along the way. Grassroots is brought to you by Share Talk's Robert Berkley aka @TheRumTraderLSE on twitter. If you want to take part in a Grassroots interview, contact @TheRumTraderLSE or @Share_Talk via DM on twitter. #INVESTING #MONEY #STOCKS #SHARES #GRASSROOTS #RETAIL #FTSE #AIM #MICROCAPS #SMALLCAPS #LEARNING.

Share Talk is an investing communication portal where we value your opinions and feedback so please get in touch with the Team at enquiries@share-talk.com. Where you can share your ideas and also suggestions for future participants on Grass Roots.