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What is Steve' SHARES?

Steve Shares is the vision of @slarratt1. Steve via Share Talk is sharing the news, views and thoughts of individuals on social media and the trending stocks. The dynamic and ever changing concept is to share knowledge, research and facts via his weekly publication where members chose what they want information about in relation to all things investors need to know.

Steve can help connect those interested about a particular stock or piece of knowledge openly on twitter for all to see. The participants are then able to draw their own conclusions based on factual information. Steve Shares enables those people to be connected with less knowledge to those that are already knowledgeable in the shares that matter to them.

With the article being dynamic this means that any member of social media can ask Steve what they would like him to cover. The Weekly publication has no boundaries so the more you use Steve Shares the better it can become for all to benefit. Steve Shares is there to help people to help themselves along their investment journeys.

Share Talk is an investing communication portal where we value your opinions and feedback so please get in touch with the at enquiries@share-talk.com.