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Honest communications between shareholders and corporations

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Trust us to help bridge the communication gulf between private investor and corporation with honest reviews.

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  • Investor Events

    Corporate Events and Investor Shows

    We can help promote your forthcoming event or investor show. With honest reviews and videos where possible.

  • Branding & Corporate Identity

    Corporate News and Presentations

    Publication and reviews of the latest hot topics and shares for shareholders

  • Company Spotlight

    Listed Company Review

    Enabling two way communications and reviewing RNS from various listed companies on AIM.

  • Director Spotlight

    Exclusive Interviews with Directors

    Exclusive videos and interviews with company directors and well known investment figures

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If you have any queries please contact us at enquiries@share-talk.com.

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Our vision is to provide investors and companies with a platform to communicate appropriately facilitating two way communications and unbiased dissemination of information.

Director Interviews

Exclusive interviews with Directors and reviews of shareholder events.

Data Analysis

RNS reviews - looking at the hidden information within the reports.

Project Cascade

Helping cascade information to and from shareholders.

Corporate Launch

Advanced IPO interviews and news articles for prospective investors

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